Further becomes Twenty Fourteen

I’m on paternity leave right now and this amazing news came out of the blue for me.

The default theme for 2014 which will be released with WordPress 3.8 will be based on the magazine theme I designed–Further.

As a WordPress theme designer, it was absolutely incredible news for me personally and I’m ridiculously stoked.

Here is the demo site and the theme is already in WordPress trunk as Twenty Fourteen, so yes, svn up, everybody!

From now on, it will be improved by hundreds of people from WordPress community, and I am really honored.

Author: Takashi Irie

Designer at Automattic

12 thoughts on “Further becomes Twenty Fourteen”

  1. Any chance to be able to download the the first version ? The one that was on CreativeMarket by example ? Afraid that the one on the repo might be buggy compared the this one.
    Thanks !

    1. I’m afraid, the base theme, Further is no longer available for purchase or download. As you said, Twenty Fourteen in trunk is not ready to use on a production site yet so you need to wait a bit more. Sorry about that.

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