WordPress theme for professional publishers – Further is now available on WP.com

[UPDATE] Since this theme becomes Twenty Fourteen which released with WordPress 3.8, it’s no longer available to purchase for WordPress.com blogs.

Further – A theme I’ve been working on the past month has finally launched as a premium theme on WordPress.com. I’ve designed and built this theme in the way I would like a magazine theme for professional publishers be.


I devoted a great amount of attention to details on this theme and feedbacks have been incredible so far and I’m really grateful to hear them. I want to mention that I couldn’t build this without the help of my talented co-workers at Automattic.

The main features of the theme are the following:

  • Of course, it’s responsive! It looks and works great on smaller screens, such as the iPad and iPhone too.
  • Featured Contents at the top of the front page but not a typical slider with a huge image because I personally don’t like that kind of slider for a content heavy site. I want to skim through what’s been featured quickly.
  • Elegant article style. The typeface I’ve chosen is Lato—one of my favorite typeface in Google Fonts. With a carefully chosen spacing, typography, column width and colors it maximizes the readers experience enhancing the content with a beautiful design.
  • Post formats: Standard, Video, Image, Gallery, Aside, Link, and Quote.
  • Post formatted posts feed on the front page: The theme displays the latest two posts from each format in the right sidebar.
  • Links to your profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Flickr, GitHub, Dribbble, YouTube, and Vimeo.
  • Fixed Header: The header that contains a navigation, search, and social media buttons sticks at the very top of the page. Readers can access your menu at anytime without having to scroll.
  • Seven widget areas.
  • Supports for multiple locations of Custom Menu, flexible height Custom Header, a Custom Background
  • Full-width Page Template.

Check out more info about Further on the theme showcase page and the announcement post on WordPress.com News.

Author: Takashi Irie

Designer at Automattic

13 thoughts on “WordPress theme for professional publishers – Further is now available on WP.com”

  1. I like the theme a lot and would even pay 150$ for it … but not on WordPress.com, I have a self-hosted WordPress blog. Any plans to make this available for us too? Best regards!


  2. Hi Takashi san,

    I just want to share how greatly satisfied I am with the WordPress theme, Further, which you have so cleverly designed in collaboration with Automattic.

    My only hope is that I did justice to your theme.

    Looking forward to more of your creations.


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